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HR Certification

    What is HR Certification?

    HR certification is a career-long commitment that shows your peers, your employees and your organization that you have mastered the core HR principles and that you are dedicated to staying current in your profession.

    To become certified, you must meet strict professional experience and educational requirements before taking the exam. To remain certified, you must recertify every three years to make sure that you stay current in the HR profession. You display your certification by putting the credentials after your name.

    HR Certification Sets You Apart

    Earning HR Certification

    • makes your résumé stand out from other job applicants. One out of two recruiters prefer those with HR certification
    • earns recognition from your organization. Business leaders find HR certified professionals to be more self-motivated
    • connects you to an elite network of motivated HR professionals around the globe. More than 108,000 certified HR professionals work in more than 70 countries and territories

    Click here for more information about the benefits of HR certification for you and your organization.

    How Certification Differs from a Certificate Program

    Compared with certificate programs, certification has three main advantages:

    • typically requires specific experience and education
    • requires recertification, which makes sure that you stay current in the HR profession through continuing education
    • allows you to put the letters after your name

    In other words, certification typically consists of the three “E”s: education, experience and an exam.