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SESHRM Job Posting Policy & Procedure

    The job posting option on the Sioux Empire Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management website is designed to provide a centralized location for human resource related job advertisements. The following policy has been adopted to provide guidance regarding SESHRM job postings:

    • SESHRM job postings are limited to human resource related positions only.
    • There is no charge for current SESHRM members to post a position.
    • There is a $99 charge per job posting for non-SESHRM members to post a position.
    • Current SESHRM members may post any human resource related position as long as the current member is the point of contact associated with the posting, since SESHRM memberships are individual memberships, not corporate memberships.
    • Job postings must represent current job openings.
    • Positions will be active for a period of thirty (30) days unless SESHRM is notified to close/renew the posting.
    • Positions may be renewed for an additional thirty (30) days by notifying the SESHRM Technology Coordinator. An additional $99 will be charged for nonSESHRM members to renew a job posting.
    • Information submitted for the job posting will be displayed as submitted; therefore, accuracy is the responsibility of the individual/employer posting the position.
    • Employers should always be identified and all information regarding the job posting is subject to verification.
    • Misrepresentation of a position posted and/or the employer will result in immediate removal of the posting and will disqualify the individual/employer from further participation in the job posting service.
    • SESHRM reserves the right to refuse and/or remove a job posting at any time for any reason.

    To post a position or ask questions click here.