Workplace Excellence Nominations


Most Human Resources Professionals understand that diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is imperative. Having sound diversity practices related to talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding, diversity training, workforce development and engagement is key for employees feeling included in the workplace and fostering a productive and profitable organization.

Does your company go above and beyond on Diversity Initiatives? And even better, do you have data to back up the impact of those diversity initiatives? If your company has demonstrated dedication and continuing commitment to advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, the time to nominate is NOW!

Here are a few examples of the work you may be doing that needs to be showcased!

  • Foster positive communication and actively promote inter-group relations among persons of different races, ages, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious backgrounds, or physical and mental abilities.
  • Participates in a variety of corporate and community events that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation, or tolerance: any level of involvement in community events, projects, efforts or organizations that promote or celebrate tolerance and contribute to diversity awareness in the community and workplace.
  • The ability to value and respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics.

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