Iowa Division of Labor: State will not adopt OSHA’s vaccine mandate

01/10/2022 1:48 PM | Anonymous member

While the U.S. Supreme Court has not yet issued a decision on whether or not to enforce it, the Iowa Division of Labor stated it will not.

“As a state plan state, the Iowa Division of Labor is charged with protecting the health and safety of those in the workplace and has the authority to enforce workplace safety and health standards for Iowa businesses,” explained Iowa Labor Commissioner Rod Roberts. “Iowa doesn’t have a standard requiring the Covid-19 vaccine or testing. But after closely reviewing the federal OSHA Vaccine Mandate, Iowa has determined it will not adopt the federal standard. Iowa has concluded that it is not necessary because Iowa’s existing standards are at least as effective as the federal standard change.”

With Commissioner Roberts’ decision, Iowa employers and their employees are not required to comply with the federal OSHA Vaccine Mandate.

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